Into the Wide access cloud

15855489588_6c209780a9_zWith our increasing reliance on technology and increasingly internet-based lives, jobs and social networks WANs, or wide access networks are becoming more important every day. WANs allow us to work remotely more effectively as well as giving employers and employees more ways to find jobs and work. Social networking sites such as LinkedIn focus on keeping professionals involved in the corporate world from anyplace they have internet connection. Places like Facebook can provide a similar service in a much more informal environment. WANs have even begun to have a major impact on our social lives as we become more accepting of gamers and gamers begin to bond more through game based social networks. Video game consoles such as the next generation XBox one are even attempting to replace a traditional entertainment center. Just as all other aspects of our lives grow and evolve our use and relationship with the internet and each other has grown with time and increases in technology.

All of this professional, social and gamer networking is pushing our networks to their limits every day. A good WAN is key to keeping our business running, our social lives active and gamers around the globe happy and stress free. We are moving towards networks that can handle more stress and traffic than we have ever been able to imagine. In order to keep up with all of the traffic of modern users many WANs are transitioning from physical and software based networks to cloud based networks.

It seems our future is in the cloud. Cloud based networking, and cloud VPN has been allowing networks to handle more people and devices than ever before. We are now using cloud based WANs to not only allow various teams to collaborate on projects from anyplace they are, even their homes. These more powerful WANs keep companies going by ensuring that their employees constantly have access to all of the information they need for any project and that communication is as simple as possible. In addition to allowing people to communicate more effectively a cloud based WAN gives us more ways to back up information from all of our devices. cloud-computing-securityThis is exceptionally useful for synchronizing information between phones and other devices. Google has some of the best examples of how creating amazing uses for cloud based WANs that include the ability to access contacts and other personal information from anyplace you can access your google profile online. Once the serious work is done and it is time to unwind many multiplayer online games, or MMOs rely heavily on the latest advancements in WAN technology. These cloud based WANs are especially useful for these large community based online games where the various players are working on a variety of different platforms. It is this kind of flexibility that allows the cloud WANs to bring the gaming community together.